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About Us

Our History

 Our journey began in 1986 when solutions specialist Hooman Mobasser founded the
Intercontinental Communications Company. We rapidly grew over the next decades,
with Intercontinental Communications becoming one of the top 10 companies in the United States in terms of owning and operating public payphones. Always at the forefront of technological advancements, Hooman Mobasser shifted the focus of the company towards Wireless and Telecom endeavors. The company is still actively involved and developing products inside this community. ICC has first-hand knowledge of the telecommunications industry, including innovations in texting, audio, and video messages and streaming. Telecom has evolved and so have we, allowing our clients to seamlessly switch between devices without interruption. In addition to our three decades of expertise in the Telecom industry, we also pride ourselves on putting our customers first. We offer a free consultation for all new clients to access the best solutions for your business. Intercontinental Communications Company can also conduct a full audit and analysis of your Company Mobile Phones, and telecommunications system. You may be paying for services or features that aren’t relevant to your day to day needs. We believe in helping our customers succeed and offer these complimentary services with no hidden costs or requirements to use our services.
See the difference with ICC. We are solution-oriented and utilize the multiple vendors at
our disposal to provide you with the best possible services. Our attention to detail often
results in our clients receiving some of the highest savings possible..

Our Services


You need high-speed, consistent internet to operate effectively. We know bandwidth inside and out and have the tools to optimize your connection.


Whether you need basic VOIP solutions or higher-end voice activations, we have products to fit your needs.


We are an expert in Mobile Phone carrier’s plans, and bill analysis. Wireless is standard these days, and we can make sure your systems work together with your internet and voice set up.

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