Intercontinental Communications Company offers cutting edge VoIP solutions, available through whichever internet service you prefer. As an industry leader for the past 35 years, we have helped thousands of businesses to save money on their telecommunications solutions. Now we are proud to be able to offer even better savings with VoIP technology. However, many customers are concerned about the possibility that their phone service would drop if their internet drops. Is this a real possibility?

VoIP: A Consistent and Reliable Service

The reality is this: if your internet goes down, your VoIP phone service should remain unaffected. This might seem a little counterintuitive – after all, VoIP means “voice over internet protocol” – but it’s still true. If your internet service drops, you should not suffer any interruption in your phone system.

Why is this the case? Because a hosted VoIP system is not simply located in one server. If it was, then anything that affected that server could cause a service interruption. Instead, a hosted VoIP system is distributed among multiple different servers located in different data centers. This means that the system has redundancy built in!

Reliable Even in a Disaster

Even in the event of a disaster severe enough to take out your company’s headquarters entirely, your VoIP system can still be rerouted in a matter of minutes to transfer calls to other locations or to your employees’ cell phones.

In other words, your VoIP phone system is so reliable it can even stay up and running in a worst-case scenario, such as a major fire, flood or other disaster that effectively destroys your corporate headquarters. In fact, your customers will never even know the difference!

As you can see, VoIP phone service is a huge advance in telecommunications technology, and it’s also far more affordable than traditional landline phone service. Contact ICC for more information today!