Most businesses have contingencies in place in the event of a change, but the sudden
uncertainty brought on by the global COVID-19 pandemic is something few could prepare for.
This leaves thousands of companies across the globe, searching for new communication
platforms to meet a set of needs that are drastically different than what they were only days
Here’s a look at some of the most popular video chat, webinar, and group communication tools
that businesses are turning to in the unique landscape of universal remote work.

Skype and Zoom

Zoom, especially, has become a popular tool for team meetings and client conversations. But
while Zoom has become the most universal, it wasn’t an unknown previously. For most
professionals, if they haven’t already been using Zoom for video calls in the office, they’ve sat
through a sales presentation on the platform at some point.
Slightly less common is Skype, a tool that was extremely popular a decade ago for personal
video chat and has made its way into the professional space in the years since.

Office365 Tools

Many companies are set-up with Office365 capabilities, allowing them to use Outlook email and
calendar capabilities while creating and sharing documents and presentations easily, but fewer
offices were broadly using the communication tools native to the package. Many teams were
using the aptly named Microsoft Teams chat platform — so much so that it surpassed Slack in
overall users in 2019 — but the app’s video chat capability has never been as heavily trafficked
as it is with everyone operating from home.
Office365’s little-known social platform, Yammer, is also seeing an uptick in use as businesses
seek to keep company culture alive.

Webinar Software

When it comes to meetings that take place over a webinar interface, there is no shortage of
options, including LiveWebinar and WebinarJam. But as many businesses are finding out, a
whole host of these options aren’t set up to be an everyday communication tool, with lags,
interruptions, and capacity issues slowing down productivity.

COVID-19 Underlines The Importance of Reliable Communication Solutions

There’s no doubt that many companies trying to navigate the best way to communicate when
the entire office is working from home have encountered some obstacles. For teams who are
still partially or fully in the office setting, COVID-19 has brought outages and service
interruptions on internet connections and conference lines. Looking to upgrade your business’s
telecom solution? Contact Intercontinental Communications and learn more about our business