From having the internet on your phone to your phone on the internet, telecom services have evolved well beyond expectations. It wasn’t too long ago that the internet became a part of homes, with only 10% of households having access at one point. However, society has grown swiftly due to the internet’s capabilities, and along with it, our communication services too.

Telecommunication services a decade ago consisted of telephone networks, cellular networks, the internet, and a variety of others. As the internet grew more and more accessible, so did the possibilities within it. Now, we have the capabilities of VoIP, APIs, and many more systems to make telecommunication more successful for businesses.

The VoIP, or Voice over Internet Protocol, is a category of hardware and software that allows phone calls through the internet. VoIP uses internet protocol instead of circuit transmissions like a telephone or cellular network. Overall, VoIP enables businesses to use the internet to make phone calls and communicate in a much simpler and efficient way with their customers, coworkers, and more.

API is also taking the stage in the telecommunication world. API, or Application Programming Interface, is a set of protocols, functions, and procedures. API allows hardware and software like VoIP to be implemented in a simplified fashion, making it easier for businesses to work with and for their customers. 

At Intercontinental Communications, we use VoIP and API to provide superior business solutions to our customers. From running payphones to now providing solutions in the wireless and telecom industry, we emphasize the need for modern business solutions in the ever-evolving world of the internet. As a telecommunication solution provider, we also utilize multiple vendors at our disposal to provide you with the best possible service as well as the highest savings with our business solutions. Among our solutions, we offer free consultations, free audit or bill analysis, and no expectations on your part to ensure the best experience and telecommunication solutions for you and your business.